Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dreams, visitations and friends...

I know I don't blog near as much as I should and usually only when I have something worth sharing.

Anywho.... This morning, I had a rather vivid, 'different', dream about a former teacher who passed away a few years after I graduated; a 'visitation' is more like it. Ms. Dottie Rose. She was always a very special teacher to me. The coolest of them all. She was very 'hip' to teen angst and often found mine amusing.

In this dream, I believe that she saved my life... in real life... this morning. Anywho... I thought I would relate the dream and share it with you. It was really devoid of much detail and rather short for that matter too. I don't know how much time actually passed, but if I had to guess, I'd say several minutes.

In this dream, I was a ‘special needs’ child of about 14-15 and wheelchair bound. Ms. Rose was running a sort of orphanage. There were two new children, a girl of about 11-12 and her little brother who was about 7-8. Ms. Rose was telling them about me, what was wrong with me, how to recognize when something was wrong with me and what to do about it, and orienting them on my pet companion, who happened to be a white wolf, and how and when to approach him.

Of the things wrong with me, the breathing problem was the one she was orienting the children on. I had severe asthma or some other breathing disorder where I would literally stop breathing or be struggling to breathe. Ms. Rose didn’t want the children to be alarmed or freaked out if this should occur while I was around them.

Later that night, I was in bed asleep when I was awakened due to the fact that I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move too much, but managed to roll over and grab the phone next to me, dialing 911. I was rasping to the operator that I couldn’t breathe. She simply kept asking questions. I could hear Ms. Rose getting ready to take a shower. Several moments passed, seemed an eternity. My lungs were beginning to hurt, I was crying and gasping and struggling to maintain consciousness. I dropped the phone as I was drifting off and I could hear, albeit muffled, my wolf was scratching and whining, then Ms. Rose, right there next to me. She was crying and shaking me and kept saying, ‘No! Oh gods, no! Wake up! Don’t you leave me! Wake up!’

Then I woke up… and not just in the dream. When I woke, I gasped a deep breath and rolled over, sitting up, and instantly realizing that Dottie Rose had just saved me from beyond the grave.

Thank you, Dottie! :)